Tips to Help Choose The Right College Major

Picking a major is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life.

Think about it: whatever decision you make now could shape how you spend the rest of your life. Thus, if this has been a major cause of worry and headache for you, you are not alone.
However, it doesn’t have to be.

While picking a major is not child’s play, here are some tips to help you land a better choice.

Align With Your Interests

Everyone – or almost everyone – grows up developing one or more interests. If properly cultivated, this could point you in the direction of a major that will set you on your path for life.

The big advantage here is that you have already taken a liking to something worth your while. It would almost be a reward for passion if you decided to further your education in such a line.

That said, it is not advised that you shy away from anything you don’t know so well too. Afterall, you are in college to learn.

Consider Long Term Prospects

Many years ago, every child wanted to become either their favorite superheroes, a sports star or something of the sort. Growing up, some of these dreams started fading away. This is to tell you how fickle the mind could be when it comes to things considered passion.

Always ask yourself if you would enjoy what you are picking now in years to come. If you can’t come up with a definitive answer, it is best to go into a broader major (e.g. Physics) than something more limiting (say, Quantum Physics).

That way, you get to diversify if things start becoming less interesting for you.

What Does the Labor Market Say?

While we will always recommend going with your passions, it is also recommended that you sign up to be trained for a valuable skill.

College is so much of an investment – both in time and money, not to mention the effort – for you to come out without getting a good return on that investment. If your passion is leading you down the line of a skill that will most likely fizz out in the years to come, it might be time to start gunning for another passion.

Consider Meeting with Advisors

Academic advisors are one of the most important weapons in the arsenal of many students. It is, however, sad that many of them fail to realize that.

Your academic advisor is in a great palace to make an unbiased assessment of your skills, abilities and results. With the information they come up with, they should be able to set you on the right path – or at least, point you to it.

Schedule a visit with your academic advisor today. Who knows, you might just be amazed at what they could come up with for you.

Take Your Time

The pressure to pick a major can sometimes get to a head. When it does, that is not necessarily the time to make your selection.

Know that you have enough time (read: your first year in college) to test the waters and decide where you want to be.

If you don’t want to take a gap year to decide your career path, try your hands at multiple course and electives in your first year. By the end of that year, chances are high that you’ll know where your interests lie.

Going to college defines the start of a new phase in your life. The interesting thing is that this new phase has a huge impact on all other aspects of your life from that point on.


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