The Effects of Social Media on Body Image

The Effects of Social Media on Body Image

Social media has become an indispensable part of modern life. It is also very accessible as one only needs a smartphone and an internet connection. Teenagers and children are also becoming much more active on social media, which is affecting their thoughts, perspective, and mentality.

The effect of social media on body image is quite worrisome. Teenagers and grown-ups admire the celebrities they constantly see on social media, and they also want to look like them. For them, celebrities are role models who they think are the prototype of good-looking. 

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Let’s see how social media is affecting the body image among users of social media.

What Image Has Social Media Created?

Today, everyone wants to look like their favorite models, including children. And by the term “perfect body,” people understand a slim and tall figure. Therefore, people who are heavy and vertically challenged suffer from a lack of confidence. 

You do not need to be an expert analyzer to understand this. In the past, there were celebrities who became household names. However people loved them, but they were not constantly exposed to them.

Today, you know what your favorite celebrities are doing, what they are eating, what diet they are on, and how much hard work they do to stay in shape. This regular exposure to their lifestyle subconsciously affects their way of thinking. To you, they are perfect, and so you want to be like them. Or else you feel ashamed.

A study shows that in the United States, 40% of children who are only in the age group 9-12 are trying to lose weight. It is surely becoming a worrying concern.

How is Social Media Affecting Body Image?

There are several things that are contributing to this problem. The major problem is that most people do not consider it a problem. There are thousands of examples of how this stereotype of “body image” has put many people in depression. Here are some of the major ways by which social media is causing mental health problems regarding body image.

Social Comparison

One of the major problems of social media is the comparisons people make. People not only compare one celebrity to another; they also compare themselves with celebrities. By doing so, they lose self-love for their bodies as they begin to consider themselves imperfect.

And it is not just celebrities they compare to themselves. Some people take the number of followers, likes, and comments more seriously than normal. When they get fewer likes than others, they feel humiliated and think it is due to their imperfect body.

By comparing themselves to others, they come to the conclusion that they are not attractive and hence suffer from self-doubt and depression. 

Internalization of Beauty Standards

Social media is filled with fake influencers, quotes, images, and videos. Some try to portray a perfect lifestyle to get more views, while in real life, they may not be the way they show they are. Nonetheless, people fall for this trap, and they internalize the definition of beauty.

Many people fear that because of not having a perfect body, they may not find their desired job, love, and happiness. Teenagers today are more concerned about their looks than their studies and careers. 


It is sad that even though it is 2023, people are still being bullied on social media because of their physical appearances. Many people would comment on others’ photos and criticize them because of their being extra healthy, short, or even their skin tone.

Such bullying leads to self-hatred, and people want to get rid of their bodies. In recent years, there have been several incidents where some young people die of too-strict dieting. 

How to Solve This Problem of Perfect Body Image

Our lifestyle has evolved in such a way that you may find it impossible to live without social media. Besides, it will be unfair to completely overlook the positive aspects of social media. So, we can do the following things to improve our social media experience:

Avoid Negative People

It is not possible to win an argument with the people who think it is funny to body-shaming others. They will not change their habit under any wise speech on social media. So, it is better that you block such people so that they can have no future interaction with you.

You can also report their account on Facebook or any other social media platform. Every platform wants to ensure a bully-free environment. Therefore, reporting their account can be a good way to teach them some manners. 

Do Not Idolize 

You can love and adore certain celebrities and also admire them. But it does not mean that you have to be like them. Everyone is unique, and so are you. You should look different, and you are supposed to have a unique lifestyle.

Celebrities stay fit as it is part of their lift. Their profession demands it out of them. They cannot afford to lose them. 

Do Not Be Overconcerend Regarding Body Image

Today people are more concerned about how they look, what people think of them, and how many likes and followers they have on social media. These things should not be the standards for judging one’s success. 

There are more important things than how one looks. One’s behavior, skills, and knowledge are more important. People should be encouraged to focus on these things more. 

Avoid Using Instagram “Explore”

“Explore” is a feature of Instagram that is supposed to find the things that might match your interest. But in reality, all you will get is some models looking pitch-perfect wearing makeup, before and after comparison of weight loss in the name of motivation. 

Social media should be used to stay connected with friends and family. For that, you do not need to use the explore algorithm. It is even better to develop some better habits other than wasting your time on social media. 

Unsubscribe or Unfollow the Negative Influencers

Social media has introduced a lot more influencers who are in their real life not much successful or knowledgeable. They taunt others in the name of motivation. You had better unfollow them if they make you feel unworthy.

Follow the People Who Promote Self Love

You will find plenty of people who spread awareness regarding self-love and respect. They will motivate you to follow your heart and make the right choices. 


We are giving social media control over our lives. We should stop this trend of matching the trend. You should learn more about self-love and respect so that you don’t become a victim of this perfect body image scam of social media. 

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