Student Accommodation Reviews: What to Expect in Birmingham

Student Accommodation Reviews: What to Expect in Birmingham

Where a student lives is an important decision they have to make. With its diverse cultural heritage and vibrant student community, Birmingham has a wide range of housing to suit all tastes and budgets. In this post we will discuss what can be expected from the various reviews on student accommodation in Birmingham; they can help you decide which hall or house you want to belong.

Types of Student Accommodation in Birmingham

  1. University Halls of Residence


Convenience: Many of these are located on or near campus, making it easier for students to attend classes and participate in college activities.

Social Environment: They provide an opportunity to meet fellow students and make friends.

Inclusive Rent: Some of the rentals also pay for other bills like electricity, water or even Wi-Fi.


Expensive: It may be more costly compared to individual leases.

Cramped Space: These have numerous small rooms with not enough storage space


Most times, students talk about how close they are to their colleges while some say that the community is one that assists one another. But some others think at times it is costly and that the rooms may not be as big as expected.

  1. Private Student Halls


They have up-to-date facilities with such amenities as fitness rooms, libraries and lounges.

One can obtain contracts of different lengths to meet his/her needs.


Price: Often compared to university halls of residence they can be quite costly.

The Quality Gap: Standards widely differ among providers.


In general, the reviews commend the modernity of their facilities and sense of independence. Nevertheless, students also mention that one should study well before choosing a particular provider since there is diversity in terms of quality. It is recommendable to visit any chosen accommodation prior to signing an agreement so that you are not dismayed upon moving in.

  1. Shared Houses and Flats


Cost-effective: Often cheaper than halls of residence.

Variety: There are many different options available throughout the city.


No Bills Included: Most landlords do not include bills in the rent so this has to be considered when budgeting.

Maintenance Issues: The importance of maintenance problems with old buildings cannot be overstated.

Student Feedback

Many students appreciate living in shared houses because it is a value for money. To have an enjoyable time, a student should have good housemates and a reliable landlord. It should also be remembered that there is an extra cost for utilities and the possibility that something will need fixing after some time.

The Most Important Factors to Consider


The area you live in during your studies at university is very important. Birmingham is a big city with several distinct neighbourhoods each offering a different kind of lifestyle.

Preferred Student Areas:

Selly Oak: Located next to the University of Birmingham, it has gained popularity among students due to its lively atmosphere.

Edgbaston: It is quieter and more residential and has excellent transport links.

City Centre: For those studying at Aston University or Birmingham City University, this location offers great access to facilities and a nightlife scene.

Student Feedbacks

Students always mention about the location being key. Everything from proximity to campus to everyday conveniences makes a difference. Two such areas that strike the right balance between ease of movement and community spirit are Selly Oak as well as Edgbaston


Accommodation costs can be very different. It is important to consider your budget when making a decision and match it with your requirements and desires. University halls and private halls tend to be more expensive but are inclusive of utilities while shared houses cost less though you have to make an extra budget for bills.


Many students often focus on the issue of budgeting in their reviews. Others feel that it is advisable to set up a defined figure for all expenses like rent, food and other necessities so as not to suffer financially.

3 . Facilities and Amenities

The accommodation comes with many useful facilities that may help you enjoy living there. Other than this, modern student halls also have other facilities such as gyms, study rooms, and social spaces.


Users frequently mention the advantages of having onsite services. Moreover, gymnasiums, laundry rooms, and common areas are also mentioned in student feedback; because they add value to their life by promoting interaction among individuals especially;


The most important point is to have a safe place. There are apartments and residential halls that guarantee security features which include closed-circuit television, access-controlled entrance facilities, and in-house warders.


When people raise the point of security in regard to accommodation, it is obvious that many students feel more secure when they are living in highly secure environments. Additionally, most university-managed residences and reputable private student housing providers have good ratings as far as safety measures are concerned.

Social Environment

Without a doubt, your accommodation’s social environment can either make or mar your time at the institution. Living with other classmates can give the learner both moral support and a chance to partake in recreational activities.


Many learners say that staying within dormitory blocks or large student complexes teaches them how to be sociable. In fact, one of the biggest benefits is being able to meet new friends and engage in fun outdoor events.

Real Student Reviews: Case Studies

  1. University of Birmingham Halls

Review Summary

Positive: Pupils admire the distance from campus because they can easily go to lectures and use school resources. The social climate is often mentioned as a major advantage.

Negative: Some students point out noisy corridors while others say the hall fees are higher than for private rentals.

  1. Unite Students – The Heights

Review Summary

Positive: the frequent praise for these is modern amenities and great spot near Aston University and Birmingham City University. Also mentioned are inclusive bills and social spaces.

Negative: The rent is considered as costly by some students and they think that the common areas can get crowded during peak times.

  1. Private House in Selly Oak

Review Summary

Positive: It is a popular choice for those who want to save money and choose their roommates. In addition, it’s near the University of Birmingham.

Negative: There are many tenants who have mentioned some minor but persistent issues with maintenance and managing bills. As part of such matters, there must be a good landlord available and housemates who can be depended on.

Tips for Choosing the Right Accommodation

Make a physical visit: Try as much as possible to take a look at the rental before putting your signature on the leasing agreement. This will give you an opportunity to see it for yourself and ask questions.

Go through reviews: Look for online comments made by other students so that you can have an idea of what to expect. Platforms such as Student Crowd, and The Student Room among others would be very helpful.

Seek clarifications: Do not keep quiet over issues such as the cost of utilities, the status of the house, and conditions set in the contract.

Reflect on your preferences: Draw up a catalogue of your desired aspects whether it is proximity, expenses, amenities or community life with friends around. That way you will be able to reduce your choice list.


Deciding on the perfect Birmingham student accommodation is central to your university experience. Think of location, price, provision of services, security and social environment in order to obtain the choice that can satisfy you and improve your student life. There are ample student accommodation providers who can help you through. Also, go through reviews, check out properties where possible and ask many questions to ensure that you make a well-thought decision. If properly accommodated in Birmingham, this time will be filled with fun and unforgettable memories.

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