Is Getting a Degree Online a Good Idea?

Is Getting a Degree Online a Good Idea?

To be perfectly blunt, online degrees have suffered quite a bit as far as their overall reputation is concerned – for one reason or another – almost since the very first day that they were made available.
These degrees have always been seen as “lesser”, not at all comparable to traditional degrees, and as a bit of a shortcut to getting a diploma – and not necessarily an education – by students and employers alike.
Thankfully though, this kind of shortsighted view is changing quite a bit these days.
Online degrees are seen as a lot more legitimate, particularly since so many “legacy” colleges and universities – including those in the Ivy League – have expanded their online educational programs and have begun to make online degrees available as well.
If you’ve been wondering whether pursuing these kinds of degrees is a good idea or a waste of money and time, this quick guide is for you!

Not All Online Degrees are Created Equal

Right out of the gate, we want to highlight the fact that not all online degrees are created equal.
There’s a world of difference between the sort of “fly-by-night” degrees you may be able to get from nonaccredited and non-legitimate organizations looking to cash in on the desperation of students that need an education to further their career and legitimate colleges and universities offering accredited degrees not at all different from the traditional options they make available.
It’s important that you validate whether or not an online degree is in fact accredited – and then you need to confirm who that accrediting body is. This will let you know a lot about the legitimacy of the degree itself and should give you confidence to move forward with degrees that share accreditation with more traditional colleges and universities.

Do Employers Respect Online Degrees?

As highlighted above, as recently as 10 years ago or so an online degree would have been very embarrassing to include on an application in a wide variety of different industries – but today nothing could be further from the truth.
For starters, the online educational landscape has changed significantly in the last decade.
More and more colleges and universities are offering online degree programs, more accreditation and licensing bodies are helping to raise the standard of education online, and the job market in general has become a whole lot more competitive as well.
These kinds of degrees have a lot more legitimacy right now, and as more and more schools move online there likely to be seen as a 1:1 version of the “traditional” degree in a hurry.

Recent Global Events are Making Online Education and Degrees More Mainstream

Recent global events are changing the way that we look at so much of our day-to-day world, particularly when it comes to education – and especially when it comes to online education.
Students and colleges as well as universities are discovering that modern technology facilitates education in a way that it never could have previously, simply because the tech just wasn’t there.
Now, though, tools and solutions are available that are transforming the educational landscape from top to bottom and the odds are pretty good that online educational programs and online degrees are going to become very mainstream in the near future.
It may not be all that long until traditional degrees are seen as a bit outdated compared to digital only or online degrees.


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