How Much Time Do You Need To Learn Spanish?

How Much Time Do You Need To Learn Spanish?

Spanish is everywhere you turn. There is someone busting out some Spanish. It is just so beautiful to listen to. This fantastic language has so much to offer. If you are excited about learning Spanish, then there would be one burning question in your mind about the duration. Every new learner wants to know how much time you would need if you enrolled in one of the best online Spanish courses. Grab your sombrero to read this post till the end. You will find the language learning timeline.

Which factors can affect your language learning time?

Everyone’s language learning journey is unique. Below are the factors that might decide if yours would be a short or a long journey.

  • Your Background: If you already speak a Romance language like French or Italian, then you might find Spanish easier to pick up. The vocabulary and grammar rules are similar in these languages.
  • Your Learning Style: Your learning style can impact how quickly you grasp new concepts. Visual learners can grasp quickly if the course you choose has a lot of interactive activities.
  • Your Commitment: It takes time and dedication to learn a new language. Practice regularly with a positive attitude to shorten the learning duration.

How do you estimate the learning time?

The Foreign Service Institute of the US Department of State has categorized languages into different difficulty levels. Spanish falls into Category I, which is the easy group.  It means you need around 600  class hours to become proficient in Spanish.

But these are just estimates. There is nothing to worry about. Your actual learning time depends on different other factors we discussed earlier.  Some people might reach fluency in less time, while others might take longer. The important thing is to stay patient and keep chipping away at it.

What are the benefits of choosing the best online Spanish courses?

Technology helps you in learning Spanish online. You get flexible courses to learn conveniently. These courses are for everyone, including busy parents juggling work and family responsibilities or a globetrotter constantly on the move.  You can learn Spanish at your own pace as per your own schedule. Many platforms offer structured lessons, multimedia resources, and opportunities for practice with native speakers.

How to speed up your learning?

  1. Practice Consistently: Set aside time each day to practice Spanish through online lessons, reading, podcasts, or chatting with native speakers.
  2. Watch shows: Surround yourself with Spanish shows as much as possible.
  3. Use Language Learning Apps: download language learning apps like Duolingo or Rosetta Stone. These apps can keep your skills sharp on the go.
  4. Find a language partner: Practice with a language partner or join a conversation group. You can improve your speaking and listening skills in a supportive environment.

Bottom line

There is no definitive answer about the time required to learn a new language. Consider it a journey where every learner is traveling at their own pace. You will need dedication to keep going and practice to shorten the learning time. If you are looking for the right resources, then check out Berliner’s Institute. They provide some of the best online Spanish courses.

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