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How to create a link in 2020?

The key word of the hour is “SEO”. It changed the structure of the site, created a lot of new works, and is now very important for those who want to take their online activities to the next level. In its simplest form, upgrading your site to rank in search engines (or “SEO”) means doing everything you can to increase your default rankings in the major search engines that rank your site. (Although there are differences in different machines) is a set of many variables. There are no secrets, magic or special keys that you can open. The goal is to explore as many variables as possible from that algorithm. Most players, we do not know what is in these mechanisms that are so important to us. However, we can make an intelligent guess. Many aspects of SEO are accepted by most professionals. One of those factors is the importance of the connection structure.

The Internet is made up of connections. The sites are linked to guide users through relevant information. This is because every link that points to your site is basically meant to be a “vote” for a link. These votes help improve your default rankings, especially in conjunction with friendly sites. The big question with well-built SEO is, how do I link to other sites? Fortunately, the answer is easy, because there are so many great search engine friendly directories that are happy to link to your site as part of the directory.

But the most popular directories received thousands of applications for review. For this reason they develop rules and guidelines for your submission. These rules are used to ensure that the submission and approval process is as smooth as possible, as well as to select only directory related sites. So the question comes back: how do I make sure my website is recognized in the best and highest quality web directories?

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Web directory rules are very easy to follow with minimal effort. Also, since the authors of any directory are actually looking for the same thing, the rules from web directories to web directories are often very similar.

Count those letters:

One of the most important rules set by directories is related to the length of your title, description and keywords. Without limitation, someone will write an essay for explanation and distort every possible key word. We assure you that no directory editor wants to review site applications that can be broken into chapters! The directory imposes restrictions that force you to fit. You may not be able to say everything about your site, so pick the most important points and stick to it. Before you start submitting anywhere, sit down and write a formulaic description of 100, 150, 200 and 250 characters, usually one of these four levels will work in any web directory you find. Once they are done, most of the heavy work is not possible. Now, all you have to do is look for the needs of your character, copy and paste that long error and you are all ready. This also applies to keywords, so be prepared to make some different choices to submit, which is a matter of choosing the right words.

Do you approve the use of spam-rich sites?

Do not spam your directory list. This cannot be clear. But for some reason, people still do. When you try this strategy you will not appear in a human moderate directory. For example, if you sell widgets when submitting your information, you will need to repeat the word “widget” several times in the title, description and keywords. Directory editors do not like this as much as you can, this is a very easy rejection. If you think it would be helpful to even try to send spam like this, you may have to think again. If you take the time to submit to a web directory containing obscure spam-rich information, you will be rejected. You waste a lot of time and get nothing in return.

Choose the appropriate category:

Web directories are organized by title and the authors take pride in keeping everything neat. A little effort on your part to choose the right category will dramatically increase your chances of listing without delay. The reason is that if you want to authenticate a site as an author, you have to click a button. If the site does not select the correct type, you must edit the application to edit the category. (Now teachers need to find the right type for the queue!) This will take more time. If you are an editor with a lot of processing tools, it’s easier to click the “slide” button than to start to stumble by type. So wear their shoes and do what you want, because above all, you and your site will benefit when you get approved.

A successful web directory submission campaign will list you in as many directories as possible as you increase your time. Following the tips above will help ensure your accreditation, which will help you achieve your goals in the long run. With everything written in advance and good intentions to play by the rules, you will fly through your submission campaign in no time.


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