Do you know your ielts strengths and weaknesses? Discovering through mock tests

Do you know your ielts strengths and weaknesses? Discovering through mock tests

Preparing for the IELTS examination takes you on a journey where you constantly have to level up and build your skills to achieve the desired band score. Numerous students understand the framework of the IELTS examination and solve all types of questions, but still fail to achieve a higher score because they do not analyze their weak areas.

This is where a free IELTS online mock test comes into play as a pivotal method to analyse your performance across all four modules and understand where you need to work. Let’s understand how taking an IELTS mock test will help you to understand your strengths and weaknesses!

How does taking IELTS mock tests help ?

Taking IELTS online practice tests has numerous benefits as they not only enhance our understanding of the test format and different types of questions but also push us towards building our skills to achieve a higher band score. Here’s how it helps us to level up:

  1. Assess your current level: When you take an IELTS mock test, it acts as a screening which highlights your current proficiency level in English as it judges you throughout all four modules – Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking. Another reason why subject matter experts suggest taking free online IELTS mock tests is because it simulates exam-like difficulty and environment, which presents us with a reflection of your readiness for the IELTS exam. By observing the band score you receive in each module, you can understand what score you will land in the IELTS examination based on your current proficiency level.
  2. Identify strengths and weaknesses: The next step is to analyse the areas where you are doing good and the areas where you need to work on. Through careful analysis, you can understand the areas where you have to put in the most effort. For instance, if you are going through your reading module’s performance, notice the types of questions that you got correct and highlight the ones where you faced most of the challenges. Let’s say that you are facing problems with multiple-choice questions – make it your agenda to solve more of those so that you gain accuracy in the reading module. Do this exercise for all the four modules.
  3. Practice weaker areas to improve: Once you are aware of all the weak spots in your language, practice those specific questions by taking the IELTS online practice test. You can access skill-based tests, which allow you to work on specific questions where you need the most improvement. Similarly, for the Speaking module – practice the required part by accessing the latest IELTS speaking questions. For instance, if you need to work on coherence, keep a list of connectors in front of you and make it a condition that you use at least one connector. Such exercises will help you to build your skills and elevate your band score in the IELTS examination.
  4. Receive feedback and tips: When you take a free online IELTS mock test, you receive the much-required feedback – whether it is computer generated or through an instructor. Understanding this feedback and applying it to your practice is a key element to progress. Along with this, leverage the tips and tricks which you come across. For instance, building the skills of skimming and speed reading, underlining and paraphrasing keywords, writing a proper thesis statement for essays, and many more! Incorporating IELTS Examination tips will help you elevate your proficiency and make your way towards your desired band score.
  5. Improves time management skills: – Practicing with a timer for each module allows students to build their time management skills by solving certain questions within a stipulated time. Also, solving mock tests is a great way to prepare for the IELTS examination as they mimic the exam, such as pattern and difficulty level. In order to manage your pace and solve three modules in 2.5 hours, it’s highly recommended that you solve mock tests to build your time management skills. Without a second thought, it builds your confidence and endurance when it comes to focusing and finding your answers in a certain amount of time.

To encapsulate, solving mock tests is one of the best ways to understand your strengths and weaknesses while you prepare for the IELTS examination. It not only helps you to build your confidence but also lets you observe your improvement first-hand! Once you start taking mock tests, you tend to observe your own improvement across all four modules. So, Log on to Yuno Learning and access free IELTS practice tests and Kick-start your journey towards getting your desired score in the IELTS examination.

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