7 Must Know Affordable and Natural Beauty Hacks for Girls

Want to look good without spending time and money, both? Here are the must-know affordable and natural beauty hacks for skin, hair, and makeup that will help you look good even without putting much effort. So go on, read, and learn about the simple beauty hacks to look your best.

Natural Beauty Hacks for Skin

  1. Shrink a Pimple with Secret Pimple Fighter

Do you often complain about getting a pimple just before an important event? Let’s fight these untimely pimples with the secret pimple fighter aka ice. Ice will reduce inflammation which will eventually decrease the size, swelling, and redness of the pimple. Pimple will also leave sooner if its size has reduced earlier. If you have painful acne, then ice can also reduce its pain.

How to Apply It?

Wrap ice and put it on a pimple for up to 2 minutes to reduce its swelling. Repeat this process daily to make the pimple go away earlier than usual.

  1. Use Natural Face Mask for a Healthy Skin

Raw honey has important components that help the skin in many ways. That is why it is used in many skin related products, especially in acne products. You can use this thick substance as an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and give place to the new cells. It also has anti-acne properties and heals damaged skin cells faster.

How to Apply It?

Put honey on your fingers and start massaging your face with it. Rub it on your face for around 5 minutes and leave its thin layer on the face for 10 minutes. After that wash your face with warm water and dry it with a soft towel.

  1. Remove Unwanted Hair with Household Ingredients

Want to feel hair-free and smooth skin without shopping for waxing products or going to a salon? You can make homemade wax with simple household products that are all-natural and beneficial as well. Mix lemon juice, sugar, and honey until you get a thick wax-like substance. Apply it on the skin and remove unwanted hair. Ta-da! Your skin will be as shiny and smooth as velvet. Here is the procedure to make and use homemade wax.

How to Apply It?

Mix ¼ cup of honey, 1 cup sugar, and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice in a bowl. Put the bowl over a stove and turn the burner to low heat. Stir it from time to time. Remove the bowl from the stove before the mixture starts to cook. Put it aside and let it cool.

Once its temperature gets reduced, spread it on your leg or the part of the skin that has unwanted hair. Put a cotton strip on the wax and rub that portion. Now pull the fabric in the direction opposite to the direction in which your hair grows. Discard the used strip, apply wax, and put fabric on all hairy parts that you want to clean, again.

Natural Beauty Hacks for Hair

  1. Keep Your Hair Moisturized

Coconut oil has great moisturizing power. If you have frizzy or dry hair that ruins most of your hairstyles then coconut oil may help you turn them into smooth and moisturized tresses. Using it will nourish your scalp and repair the dry hair. It may also prevent hair breakage and help while styling frizzy air.

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How to Apply It?

Put coconut oil on your hand and melt it with your fingers. Apply it from your hair roots till hair tips with fingers. Massage the scalp thoroughly then leave your hair that way for 40 to 60 minutes. Shampoo them and wash until oil is removed.

  1. Curl Your Hair without Using Heat

Heat can damage your hair in more ways than one. So, do you want to protect your hair from this damage but still get your hair curled? Braid your hair or use spare wine corks to get the curls as you like. Here is how you can apply this hack to actually make heatless curls at home.

How to Apply it?

Damp your hair and make braids before sleeping. After waking up in the morning, undo the braid, and enjoy your natural curls as you like. Another way to make heatless curls is by wrapping damp hair on a wine cork and use a bobby pin to secure hair just like you do when you use a curler. Dry the hair with a dryer and remove wine corks after some time.

Natural Beauty Hacks for Makeup

  1. Use Affordable and Natural Makeup Remover

Don’t want to buy makeup wipes and solutions anymore? Think about using a makeup remover that not only takes layers of makeup away from your face but also leaves it smooth, soft, and moisturized.

Coconut oil has a detergent-like effect and due to its multiple benefits, it works great as a natural makeup remover. You do not have to use harsh makeup wipes with this natural makeup remover. Use your fingers to massage your face with the oil.

How to Apply It?

Put a solid form of coconut oil on your hand and melt it with your fingers. Now start rubbing the oil onto your face while giving more importance to the heavy makeup areas like eyes. Once you notice that your makeup has started melting, wash your face with warm water.

  1. Bring Your Dried Mascara Back to Life

Mascaras have a short lifespan and often dry out after 1 to 2 months. Want to use your favorite mascara for a long time? You can put your mascara in hot water to let its dried texture become smooth again. Use it until it gets finished completely.

How to Apply It?

Pour some water into your coffee mug. Heat it in a microwave oven. Put your dried mascara in the hot water. Keep it in water for 5 minutes. Heating will eventually reduce its consistency. Remove the mascara bottle from the water. Let it cool. Apply the smooth mascara to enjoy your long full lashes like before!


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