5 Tips on How to Get Motivated for Exams

For many students around the world, this time of year is traditionally when the exam season begins. Whether you’re in high school or college, there are likely important tests for you to face right around the corner. Even with disruptions caused by the covid-19 pandemic, students know that sooner or later they need to get motivated and back into exam mode.

Therein lies the problem, how do you get and stay motivated for school or college exams? Standardized tests, mid-terms and finals are soul-crushing experiences for many. Below we’re giving you 5 of our best tips to get yourself psyched up and ready for any upcoming exams you have:

Create a schedule and targets

Before you begin reviewing your work, take the time to create a realistic schedule and attainable set of targets. Laying out all that you have to do on a schedule, and establishing clear goals will help bring structure to your study, and help you overcome those feelings of despair you get when you can’t grasp the fullness of the task before you.

This process of scheduling and then sticking to it also generates a greater sense of self-discipline, which is always useful for academic pursuits. Furthermore, achieving the targets will help add fuel to your motivation to keep going.

Put difficult topics in the morning

When organizing your study, cover the hardest subjects in the morning. It’s no cliché that you are more alert and receptive to new information in the morning. You do have to overcome the first hurdle of actually dragging yourself out of bed, but once you do and you settle into your workspace, you’ll be so glad that you did. You’ll also be amazed by how much you can get done in those hours before lunch.

Sleep early

A large number of students out there are procrastinators, and some will push back daytime study into the night, telling themselves “I can think better at night.” This frees up your day in an apparently guilt-free way. The result, in reality, is that you are tired when it comes to studying time, and you either can’t or won’t get as much done. The better approach for motivation is to sleep early, and rise early in the morning so you can follow our second tip above.

Don’t overuse stimulants

It can be tempting to use stimulants to stay awake and cover more ground. In the long run this is a counterproductive move. A little coffee in the morning to help perk you up is good, but using products to stay awake longer and longer will only set you back.

Find ways to make study time more social

A good way to make yourself look forward to study is to make it more fun. By including friends in the process, and coming up with activities in which you help each other through dialogue, quizzes and other back and forth, you can achieve this. The sense of camaraderie is conducive to hard work and achieving goals.

Motivation is the key to success

When you are motivated to study, you will learn not only more efficiently, but more effectively. Maintain this feeling throughout your academic year and you will find that more parts of your school life are also enhanced. Good luck to all those around the world preparing for exams.

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